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gpoy every day

gpoy every day

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I just…I just love my friends so much.  The white trash party a few weeks ago was one of the best.  Really, are there people other than my theatre loves that I could do this stuff with while still feeling like a normal person?

Taking a catnap with Grandpa Seymour, my love.


gpoy, my future

Mine too, no doubt.  If I don’t end up with shitloads of dogs maybe I’ll become one…creepy

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This weekend is gonna be a ball and a half

Starting today with a FLEET FUCKING FOXES CONCERT in Harlem with my friend Anthony

Tomorrow I’m seeing all of my lovely best friends from home (well, those who are home already…)

Saturday I’m going to Mel’s house for a party with all of my darlings from Loyola

Sunday I’ll probably just sleep through

So happy that school is finally over, though!  While the last few weeks of it were delicious, I needed a break from all of the work.

FIW was dandy; I had so much fun and made so many new friends!  I was so used to seeing them every single night after Houndies that the last few days that I’ve spent in the house have been…desolate.  So glad that I’ve finally been able to break in to Theatre at Loyola—my theatre babies are really a special brand of people and I love them so much.

What I want more than anything right now, though, is to see my BWAVs and party with them in a way that I can’t with anyone else!

Also that’s a gpoy of myself and my new friend Kahlua, who I met at Houndies.  She’s the host’s doggie, and she’s just darling.